My name is Annita and I am deeply mesmerized by anything naturally beautiful on this planet. My world travels and life experiences have embellished my innate sense of style and inspired me to create "Annita’s Island.

Accessories featuring luminous reflections and enchanting images that release a feeling of seductiveness that blends perfectly with your favorite device.

The secret lies in my passion for perfection and attention to detail.
I am committed to offer exquisite quality, original products with a touch of magic that make the little things in life more beautiful each and every day.

By Annita Nathanail


Mother Of Pearl


Reflecting light will change color when case turns

Mother Of Pearl - Case
Mother Of Pearl - Case

Elephant Laser

Elephant Laser - Case

Angel Wings

Angel Wings - Case
Angel Wings - Case
Angel Wings - Case

Golden Drops

Golden Drops - Case

Golden Lips

Golden Lips - Case

Glitter Chevron


Glitter Chevron - Golden Case
Glitter Chevron - Silver Case

Glitter Chain Mesh

Glitter Chain Mesh - Case

Silk Appeal


Silk Appeal - Pink Case
Silk Appeal - Cream Case

Diamond Waterfall

Diamond Waterfall

Blooming Rose

Blooming Rose

Crystal Cluster


Crystal Cluster - Grey Case
Crystal Cluster - Purple Case

Quarz Clarity


Amethyst Sensation Case - Purple
Amethyst Sensation Case - Blue

Amethyst Sensation


Amethyst Sensation Case - Purple
Amethyst Sensation Case - Turquise

Tip Of The Iceberg

Tip Of The Iceberg - Case

Magenda Rapsody

Magenda Rapsody - Case

Marble Magic


Marble Magic Turquise
Marble Magic Blue

Annita’s Island

Premium Handmade Headphones

Handmade Headphones